“Wow… C4 – Is A Dangerous Precedence; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””

“Wow… C4 – Is A Dangerous Precedence; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””
@POTUS @vj44 @FBI Senator Pete Sessions stated that he believed “Dallas police officers had “let their guard down…””  He seems to be a reasonable man so his first impressions was the right impression…    Respectfully when the Senate drags the @FBI director before Congress to question his decision about Hillary Clinton what makes the Dallas Chief of Police think that he is above any questions about his thought process especially when he use an unprecedented (I believe illegal) means to kill the shooter when it appeared they had the shooter isolated to a known location… maxresdefault http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/10/politics/dallas-shooting-police-chief-david-brown/index.html  Respectfully, I believe no one is above reproach or critique especially when you are paid to do the peoples business – we the people of the United State of America… But let me not just point fingers but please allow me to give some other levels of force that I believe should have been used in escalating order: 1 – the proper use of all city resources i.e. city cameras – eyes in the sky ( and before you say the shooter could shoot at the chopper the zoom lens on that chopper is far longer than the MER of that rifle); eyes on by a human resource via tactical shields and existing structure… 2 – Time, wait the shooter out; He had no hostages… 3 – Percussion Grenade…   I believe that the use of explosives against a (vet suffering from PTSD) man with a rifle is setting a dangerous precedence… Besides do we really want the police letting their guard down with tons of C4 just laying around in their inventory… If bricks of cocaine go missing from evidence lockups, what gives US(a) the assurance that tons of C4 does not go missing…
Over the weekend several pro-police tactics – by any means – advocates spoke out and declared war on black people (BLM) by saying the “police are at war…”  My question is who are the police at war with??? When “Dillon Roof” shot and killed NINE BLACKS in a Church prayer meeting (who said he wanted to start a race war), no-one declared war on the KKK or the White Supremacist; they took Roof “Burger King…

Wow… I am just saying…
President Obama immediately called for sound minds and reasonable people (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump publicly concurred) to stand up for U.N.I.T.Y. – not war…  c1e7214f861a1af4bef730584acf8f0e The call for a “police war” against the citizens of the United States (BLM) is tyranny; besides a large percentage of Police Officers all over America are Black …  Obama-Biden-Arms-Crossed
Wow…  Are White  Police Officers at war with Black Officers – God forbid???  At a recent BLM rally in Greensboro NC on Saturday I had the opportunity to listen to Police Lt. Col. Brian James speak to several young protesters (with respect on both sides) say lets start a dialogue…  He told them we cannot solve all the problems on this street corner but lets continue this conversation some where in the city so we can come to a solution…  Lt. Col. James is also a black man who out of uniform could easily be shot dead “walking while black” on any street in America…
Wow…  What an acknowledgement!!!  This is the attitude that will change lives and break down barriers so Lt. Col. James I salute you and the Greensboro Police Dept….
I am happy to see that Former Pres. George Bush will be attending Pres. Obama memorial services in Dallas Tx this week as a show of U.N.I.T.Y….  I hadn’t always been a fan of former Pres. George Bush but he won me over back in 2007 when I had a problem with yahoos yelling racial slurs and chasing my big truck through Clearwater Tx….   I notified the Bush Administration and they took care of it quickly and assured me that I would not have that problem again and I didn’t…  So I know that he is a man of honor, dignity, and of his word…  So I salute Pres. Bush and his family   for his show of U.N.I.T.Y. and support with Pres. Obama and America in these tense times…

“Wow… C4 – Is A Dangerous Precedence; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””

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