“Wow… “That’s exactly what we pay them for…” “STFU” “…or get your head blown off…” #PoliceLivesMatter; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger…””

Wow… There’s a HUGE difference between Sandra Bland’s Arrest vs the Dylann Roof arrest dash cam tape – watch for yourself… The Police officers already knew that this young racist had gunned down “nine black people” in their “place of worship” in “Cold Blood…” Not one of them “slammed Dylann Roof to the ground and put a knee in his back???” They seemed to be very professional and caring with him; hell they took him Burger King…   Dash cam videos show arrest of Dylann Roof …  https://social.newsinc.com/media/json/69017/29270597/singleVideoOG.html?type=VideoPlayer%2FSingle&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017&videoId=29270597#.V5DqdpMnRlI.twitter

Wow…  That’s a huge contrast from the “Sandra Bland’s stop/arrest” where her only so-called crime was a “lane change”???   Wow…  Then the Officer “pulled this tall black woman from her car by force” while yelling threats of bodily harm at her; then “slammed her to the ground with a dress on and then put his knee in her back” while this white male officer frisked her and man-handled her in the dirt…

“WHO HAD SEE KILLED???”  https://youtu.be/mUSNqZs-u2o
I say again, “WHO HAD SHE HURT OR KILLED???”  
According to the following post this is what the people in that neck of the words “PAY” their “POLICE” to do to helpless “BLACK WOMEN” visitors – Read it for yourself:  
Wow…  If you look at the very last line of this woman’s post you will see #PoliceLivesMatter…   Ok Letmesee…  When was this racist COP’s life ever threatened by anything that Sandra Bland did or said or thought???  It is very apparent to anyone listening to the tape that this Officer never felt threatened by this tall black woman in a dress…  There is a HUGE CONTRAST to Dyllan Roof where they knew he had a gun and had already killed in “COLD BLOOD” nine black worshippers in their house of worship…  

Wow…  This woman post says, “STFU” which means “Shut the FUCK up…”  So she is saying that she backs the COP down there to violate Americans 1st Amendment Right to freedom of Speech which gives creedence to the truth of the desire by all the white racist satanist to the rise of a RACIST POLICE STATE across America…   And based on the way congress treated Dir. Comey over the @HillaryClinton emails, 
They will degrade and try to destroy anyone that gets in their way – Even the Director of the @FBI…   I am just saying…
What is it going to take???  South Carolina is where the only Police killing of an un-armed BLACK that the  authorities did not put the COP on “PAID LEAVE…”  The video spoke for itself and the “REASONABLE PEOPLE IN-CHARGE OF THE POLICE DID the right thing…  In the absence of video tap then there could be some reason to not take actions quickly, but when there is valid evidence video – action should be immediate…  




“Wow… “That’s exactly what we pay them for…” “STFU” “…or get your head blown off…” #PoliceLivesMatter; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger…””

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