“Wow… “Two Black Women and a COP… Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””

Wow…  Two Black Women and a COP…      I wonder what Bishop Jakes is going to say about this??? I wonder if the “Requested COP Supervisor” ever showed up???  

Looks like “White Men Cops” love to hear “Beautiful Black Women” scream…   

“Wow… “That’s exactly what we pay them for…” “STFU” “…or get your head blown off…” #PoliceLivesMatter; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger…””   Wow…  This woman post says, “STFU” which means “Shut the FUCK up…”  So she is saying that she backs the COPS down there to violate Americans 1st Amendment Right to freedom of Speech which gives creedence to the truth of the desire by all the white racist satanist to the rise of a RACIST POLICE STATE across America…   And based on the way congress treated Dir. Comey over the @HillaryClinton emails, 
They will degrade and try to destroy anyone that gets in their way – Even the Director of the @FBI…   I am just saying…

 @FLOTUS keep your daughters close, there are “White Men COPS” like this one everywhere…  

I am just saying... http://heavy.com/…/earledreka-white-police-houston-video-a…/‪    #‎Sandrabland‬


“Wow… “Two Black Women and a COP…  Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””  


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