“Wow… Supreme Court Justice Breyer questioned whether “Kim kardashian” was actually robbed… “ “Wow… The “Giggering” of the Double-Standard between The Trump-ster, Uncle Bill, and Tyler Perry???”“Whose Pulse is on the Finger???”” » 04-kim-scotus-w710-h473-2x

Kim Kardashian (left) and Justice Stephen Breyer (right). Photo: Getty Images
Justice Stephen Breyer on Tuesday proved that he’s just as glued to the pop-culture news cycle as the rest of us when he brought up Kim Kardashian’s horrific robbery in court, thereby introducing it into the official Supreme Court record.

The justices were in the middle of hearing oral arguments in the case of a man who had been convicted of bank fraud whose public defender claimed that a federal statute under which the defendant was convicted requires an intent to cause financial loss to the bank itself. Breyer was skeptical over the argument, and he brought up the recent theft of $10 million worth of Kardashian’s jewelry in Paris to illustrate his point, according to SCOTUS blog.

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