“Wow… Supreme Court Justice Breyer questioned whether “Kim kardashian” was actually robbed… “ “Wow… The “Giggering” of the Double-Standard between The Trump-ster, Uncle Bill, and Tyler Perry???”“Whose Pulse is on the Finger???”” » 2016-10-6-cbs-tm-breyer

Instead of pressing Breyer on this, Rose focused on topics such as the fact that the justice referenced tabloid icon Kardashian in oral arguments: “Let me ask you this: Did you ever, ever, ever, ever, did your wife, ever, ever, ever think that your name would be in the same sentence with Kim Kardashian?” http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/scott-whitlock/2016/10/07/charlie-rose-labels-anti-gun-supreme-court-judge-stephen-breyer

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