“Wow… Supreme Court Justice Breyer questioned whether “Kim kardashian” was actually robbed… “ “Wow… The “Giggering” of the Double-Standard between The Trump-ster, Uncle Bill, and Tyler Perry???”“Whose Pulse is on the Finger???”” » a-supreme-court-justice-just-talked-about-kim-kardashian-robbery-in-court-lede

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A Supreme Court Justice Just Talked About Kim Kardashian robbery in court…
When deliberating with other justices about the definition of the word “defraud,” the 78-year-old judge used Kim as a hypothetical:

“Even Kardashian’s thief, if there is one, believes that all that jewelry is insured,” he said. (We’re assuming that yes, there is a thief, but the judge likely needed to qualify the statement for legal purposes.) “Indeed over insured. So it’s not theft?”

He then elaborated and painted a charming picture of Kim K. greeting her local jewelry cleaner, who may or may not be an international jewel thief….

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