“Wow… “So Has Supreme Court Justice Breyer – who questioned whether Kim K’s jewelry thief was real – questioned the Integrity of his colleague Justice Clarence Thomas???” “Wow… Who’s Pulse is on this Finger???””


Wow…  Respectfully,  but I believe that The Trump-ster and Sepreme Court Justice (Uncle) Clarence Thomas – who are both Republicans  – 

are guilty of the very same thing as @BillCosby – who is a democrat  – are all accused of the same crime – sexual assault…  


Wow…   Maybe @DOJ should Suspend @clarencethomas from the Bench until it is determined whether or not Uncle Bill, The Trump-ster or even @TylerPerry are all guilty or only the Republicans…  🙂

Wow…   Did anyone say something about a “Double-Standard???”

If The Trump-ster deserves a Pass then so does the rest…
Hell, the Republicans already gave Uncle Clearence Thomas a past on what was obviously – racist and sexist and from all appearences CRIMINAL; because if that woman had been  white – Uncle Thomas would probably just be  getting out of jail…  I am just saying… #NOTOKAY

Wow…  I go lateral here for a moment…  As a self-proclaimed “Social Anthropologist” I am struck by the numbers of white women who are coming out to support The Trump-ster…  


John Angus Jacobs – “Self Proclaimed Social Anthropologist – From the College of Life and the University of TVONT…” Social Anthropology is the comparative study of the ways in which people live in different social and cultural settings across the globe. Societies vary enormously in how they organise themselves, the cultural practices in which they engage, as well as their religious, political and economic arrangements…


But is The Trump-ster using the same “Double-Standard” he claims he hates to bring down another Bush???  When we think of these types of crimes – from my limited law enforcement experience – I know that if someone of high statue is allowed to get away with a crime then everyone will say “it is good for the goose it is good for the gander…”  That bring us back to Supreme Court Justice Breyer – who question whether Kim’s jewelry thief was real???  

Is the Supreme Court Justice also exercising the same double standard as The Trump-ster  when he layed shade on ‘Kim K’ but never questions the integrity of his fellow Justice – Justice (Uncle) Clarence Thomas???

 Justice Breyer probably said what he said in gist but did not think about whether anyone would connect social media to the workings of the Supreme Court; but this is the 21st Century where  50 millions + Kim K fans are following every aspect of this case…  

In mathematic this social conversion would be called Geomatrical Combinatorial and Dynamical aspects of infinate groups…   This concept makes the new social media construct infinitely infinite…
Wow…  That said, this connectivity makes shade spread like a “Hurricane” effecting everything in it’s path…  So you see as a self-proclaimed “Social Anthropologist” the least common denominator here is The Trump-ster; who if he is anything – He is a Social Engineer…   He has the keen ability to see and connect to the vibe of the day then use it to his advantage…  So it is not surprising to me that there is another “Bush” in this equation somewhere…  The Trump-ster could have easily let “Billy Bush” off the hook by simply saying I edged him on and he has never heard him speak that way before???
Wow…  But The Trump-ster did not…  

Wow…  Social Media sometime leads to strange bed fellows – which could lead to the degradation of the moral fiber of our society as we know it or do we???



Metro Kanye lying seventh from left between various models of famous people in a large bed (Picture: Kanye West via Twitter)

Wow…  I digress…  

Wow…   The ONE observation that cannot be denied is that they are all white; which to me mean they are siding with The Trump-ster because he want to LOCK UP BLACK people – with what he calls The RULE of LAW…  By the way, this is exactly what Hitler did – Killed the Jews because to him they were untouchables; BUT Hitler made sure that his troops “touched” ALL of the JEWS GREAT  WEALTH…  To me that is Hypocracy in the GRANDEST form; if you hate a people you should hate a people’s stuff – otherwise you are a hypocrite…

Racist WHITE men say they hate niggers – but dont go by a truck stop with your CB radio on at night because you could hear the calls of WHITE MEN calling out for (in their words) “NIGGER PUSSY…”
Wow…  So as a self proclaimed “Social Anthropologist” – one night after hearing all these  OLD WHITE GUYS calling out on the CB radio for some “NIGGER PUSSY – I noted a conversation between a black trucker and one of these white guys who was asking for “NIGGER PUSSY…”


perfectreplica.net black nigger pussy Virgin Nigger Black Pussy

The black driver said to the old white driver – “I Thought you WHITE MEN HATED NIGGERS???” The Old white man replied “We do hate “Niggers” but we LOVE some “NGGER PUSSY…””   Another driver said, what if your wife find out???  The old guy basically said, what I do on the road stays on the road (which is true for most truck drivers)…  The black driver then said over the radio “I hope you Black women charge these old white guys  good…”  And he got an immediate reply  from what sound like a young black girl – “Oh we will because they know the deal – this “PUSSY” aint cheap…”

Wow… So when White people take sides it is not always based on a moral principal but more based on race and sex…  I call it the “Hitler Syndrone…”


Wow…  So in my book that makes the women that support The Trump-ster hypocritical “RACIST and Sexist…”   So no matter what they say – everyone Knows – they don’t Feel the same way about @BILLCOSBY  – Uncle Bill – an OLD Black guy as they do about The Trump-ster; who are both  aaccused of the same thing…
But they probably put Tyler Perry and Uncle Clarence Thomas in the same boat  

because their vicims were both black women…
Wow…   And they wonder why we have a black lives matters movement???    Hypocracy is always looking for a place to hide so that it can not be exposed but these WHITE women are exposed – The Trump-ster exposed them…  But they can prove me wrong by also standing up for @BIllCosby and @TylerPerry like all the Republicans STOOD up for Justice (Uncle Thomas) Clarence Thomas…
Wow…  I am jsut saying…  #BLM  #NOTOKAY

“Wow… “So Has Supreme Court Justice Breyer – who questioned whether Kim K’s jewelry thief was real – questioned the Integrity of his colleague Justice Clarence Thomas???” “Wow… Who’s Pulse is on this Finger???””




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