“Wow…  I believe the Science adequately proves that “Black Toxic Mold” is a direct cause of  “Mental Health Disorders” – among  Veterans and Soldiers – who have been directly exposed to “Black Toxic Mold” in their housing situations; which  has a direct effect on the Soldier’s wife and children sharing the dwelling…”



I believe that Black Toxic Mold  is the most common cause of Psychiatric Disorders – under diagnosed – in Veterans and Soldiers and is directly linked to their long-term effects like memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, trouble concentrating, and confusion which are all identical symptom of PTSD which many Veterans and Service men suffer from… 

My beautiful picture

“John (Me) reaction to Black Toxic Mold Exposure…”

Black Toxic Mold exposure is known to cause asthma and life-threatening primary and secondary infections in immune-compromised patients that have been exposed…  Nearly 1 in 4 active duty members showed signs of a mental health condition, according to a 2014 study in JAMA Psychiatry…



The Veterans Administration reports that approximately 22 veterans die by suicide every day.
Lengths of deployments are associated with more emotional difficulties among military children and more mental health problems among U.S. Army wives…


Physical health is another likely mediator of the potential link between residence in a damp and moldy dwelling and risk of depression.  Black Toxic Mold Exposure cause Brain and Body Health problems.JPG Residence in a damp and moldy dwelling is linked with poor physical health outcomes, including respiratory problems,17 asthma,16,18   diarrhea,18 nausea,28 and headaches.20 Such recurring conditions may be associated with anxiety and depression, thus mediating the potential association between exposure to dampness or mold and depression.


Black Mold toxicity can manifest with so many different and diverse symptoms, that it is frequently misdiagnosed by the doctors at the Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Facilities.

IMG_20190625_075148 Black Mold coming out of HVAC vent 6.25.2019.jpg

Black Toxic Mold in my Apartment taken on 6/25/2019

It is likely, that in some cases the cause of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mast cell activation disorder, histamine intolerance, irritable bowel and leaky gut, multiple sclerosis and post-treatment Lyme syndrome, which do not respond to treatment, are due to a chronic inflammatory response caused by black toxic mold.My beautiful picture

Unfortunately mold toxicity is not on the radar of many practitioners, and thus they do not include it as part of the differential diagnosis.    
It is my experience that most Veteran Administration (VA) Practitioners never consider “Black Toxic Mold” exposure as a baseline cause of many of the brain and body health issues Veterans and Soldiers experience on a daily basis…
Military leaders apologize for substandard living conditions at family housingI unknowingly have been exposed to black toxic mold from the time I first became very ill over Five years ago until now…  I have exhibited all of the below mentioned common Black Toxic Mold symptoms; but the VA practitioners unsuccessful treated the symptom with drugs that made me feel worst instead doing the proper test to determine the true cause of my illness…  


My beautiful picture

John (Me) Black Toxic Mold Skin Rash  taken on 7/2/2019

I was hospitalized (non VA) for three days back in 2015 and have had several appointments with VA doctors but was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and rhabdomyolysis…  The VA referred me to mental health where the doctor prescribed me with an anti-depressant for mood swing and anxiety…
I like many of the patients in this study  knew 

Some of the common symptoms of toxic mold and CIRS are:

1. Fatigue
2. Weakness
3. Aches
4. Muscle Cramps   


John (me) Red Eye Black Toxic Mold Exposure 9/16/2018



5. Unusual Pain
6. Ice Pick Pain
7. Headache
8. Light Sensitivity
9. Red Eyes
10. Blurred Vision
11. Tearing
12. Sinus Problems
13. Cough
14. Shortness of Breath 
15. Abdominal Pain 

Pic of Black stuff coming out of my vent from email sent on 11.17.2016

John (me) apartment Black Toxic Mold HVAC Vent on 11/17/2016


16. Diarrhea
17. Joint Pain
18. Morning Stiffness          Black Toxic Mold Signs and Symptoms
19. Memory Issues
20. Focus/Concentration Issues
21. Word Recollection Issues
22. Decreased Learning of New Knowledge
23. Confusion
24. Disorientation
25. Skin Sensitivity
26. Mood Swings
27. Appetite Swings
28. Sweats (especially night sweats)
29. Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems
30. Excessive Thirst
31. Increased Urination
32. Static Shocks
33. Numbness
34. Tingling  Black Toxic Mold body pain.JPG
35. Vertigo
36. Metallic Taste
37. Tremors


The good news is that once the diagnosis is made, this is a very treatable condition. It  can take a long time because it must be done very carefully and slowly, or symptoms can be exacerbated by the treatment itself, as the mold toxins are mobilized…

Dr. Mary Ackerley is an integrative psychiatrist Black Toxic Mold.JPG


Although people complain of depression and anxiety, I often find that fatigue and muscle and joint pain are the strongest complaints. Those complaints are usually ignored by traditional busy family practitioners because they lump them all together under the heading “depression.”
The most common complaint from people – like Veterans and service members – who are being treated for depression and anxiety is, “My brain just doesn’t work the way it used to.”

Black Toxic Mold Brain on Fire

Dr. Mary Ackerley – an integrative psychiatrist and author of: The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms – has made a direct  correlation between Black Mold Toxicity and Psychological Health Disorder…  

All treatment of biotoxin-associated illness starts with diagnosis. Diagnosis is difficult since we’re not routinely taught what’s involved in a biotoxin-associated illness. In fact, most doctors still believe that mold isn’t really a big deal, that maybe if you’re exposed to gross amounts of mold, and you inhale it, and you have asthma or pulmonary problem, then we can say that mold has been a problem.  But anything else, like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety, traditionally won’t be considered to be caused by mold.

However, it’s my experience that neuroinflammation is highly present in people with psychiatric complaints, especially people not easily helped by traditional, easily available treatments.

Some of the clues for when you should be considering the diagnosis of biotoxin illness or neuroinflammation are present when the patient has no family history and their age at presentation. If somebody comes to me complaining of symptoms of bipolar but they don’t have a family history and it started in their 50s, I’m going to be suspicious that I’m looking at a genetic idiosyncratically caused bipolar. I’m going to be looking for other causes. And the big things that I’m going to be looking for are neurotoxins, primarily mold. Perhaps Lyme. And other cerebral insults, such as an infarction or something like that.

Anxiety disorders and panic disorders don’t start in the 50s. Depression starting after menopause, maybe. But I’m happier when I do a diagnosis of depression when the person had depression before and menopause has made it worse, or they have a family history of that illness.

You want to be asking, “Have you been exposed to mold?



I believe as Ms. Mary Ackerley stated “Anxiety disorders and panic disorders don’t start in the 50s…”

She said the only thing that had changed in her life was that she’d decided to renovate her house. As the walls were being torn out, she smelled mold, and workers had found mold behind several walls.  I thought, “Oh, okay, mold. I’ve heard of this before.”  Finally it occurred to me that maybe this was a mold patient.

We read Dr. Shoemaker’s book Mold Warriors together. When we found the list of the symptoms, she said, “Oh, I have ice pick pains” and “I have brain fog, and I’ve been urinating a lot, and my stomach’s been hurting.” In fact, she’d made an appointment to see a gastrointestinal specialist to get a workup for stomach pains.

She presented to me with confusion, severe brain fog and increased depression. But she had multiple symptoms and had seen many doctors now. Nobody had been able to help her with anything.  We read a little further in Dr. Shoemaker’s book, and I said, “Cholestyramine seems pretty innocuous to use, so let’s try it.” I gave her a prescription for cholestyramine (CSM) and told her to take it three to four times a day.

She came back three weeks later and I saw a different person. It was startling.

“Wow…  I believe the Science adequately proves that “Black Toxic Mold” is a direct cause of  “Mental Health Disorders” – among  Veterans and Soldiers – who have been directly exposed to “Black Toxic Mold” in their housing situations; which  has a direct effect on the Soldier’s wife and children sharing the dwelling…”

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