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“Wow… The soulful healing vibes of the song “Brown Girl” reaffirms that God is love and love knows no color, no creed, no sexual orientation, or no nationality… Wow… “Brown Girl” is the perfect Anthem against racism world-wide… Whose Pulse is on the Finger… “

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Wow…  “What happened after Don King used the n-word while stumping for Trump” was the headline from  the New Zealand Herald which caused a fire-storm of debate “way down under…”   Wow…   Don King set off a fire-storm in New Zealand  last month with his use of the N-word during his crazy rant for the Trump-ster…   You see how the world is following the American political process…   I hope that people of color in New Zealand and the rest of the world don’t believe that  Don King speaks for all Black Americans…   I would be willing to wager that most blacks here never even saw the speech or even know who Don King is??? But this post lets us know that the “world is watching…”  “Compare Trump’s reaction to Don King dropping the n-word to the guy in the upper right


Boxing promoter Don King, right, holds up the hand of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo / AP By Janell Ross


Kiwi soul sensation Aaradhna stopped by The 13th Floor to talk about the Super Soul Revue she is headlining at Auckland’s Powerstation. In addition to chatting with Marty Duda, Aaradhna and guitarist Jeremy Toy performed two songs from her number one album, Brown Girl…    aaradhnas-13th-floor-session-kiwi-soul-sensation-aaradhna-stopped-by-the-13th-floor-to-talk-about-the-super-soul-revue

Brown Girl was recorded live in Brooklyn and Los Angeles with the guidance of Jeff Dynamite. 
In the song of the same name, Brown Girl, the Kiwi crooner of Samoan and Indian decent sings about how she is “not just a brown girl”, but a girl that likes to sing.The track is a response to her experiences with racism, which she matched with an open letter to her fans about the subject.The many, beautifully layered sides to the new album is the perfect aural accompaniment to Aaradhna’s message of diversity.   



Marty is a regular contributor to Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan, where, every Wednesday morning, he presents a different musical artist…

Wow…  During the above youtube interview with Aaradhna, interviewer Marty Duda ask her what inspired her to write the song – Brown Girl???  Aaradhna replied that the song was inspired because of the racism that she had experienced throughout her life…  Marty then informed her of a situation where the “n-word” was used which caused a “huh bub” in New Zealand – her expression was priceless…  Check out the soulful groove with a power message on this youtube link: to listen to the entire interview…

Wow…  As a self-proclaimed “Social Antrhopologist” I am always conscious of social diversion of a social norm which is wide-spread across the globe…  The journey of the American  slave  is as entwined with the “n-word” as it is engraved in our cultural history as our Constitution,  National Anthem, and the flag…

Wow…  I am just saying…
After much  searching, I have discovered the reason for the “Huh Bub”  over the n-word in NZ last month that Marty  Duda was referring too…
Apparently it was when one of the Auckland Real Housewives referred to a black co-star  as a “boat nigger…”  Wow those would be fighting words here in USA – short of your mama…  I am just saying…
Wow…  It aired without edit save a bleep in the popular tv show – down under –  which drew this headline  from the Guardian:  “
It’s an old boating term’: New Zealand reality TV star admits racial slur > Real Housewives of Auckland star Julia Sloane insults fellow cast member during recording of program…”  Check out the entire story here >


John Angus Jacobs – “Self Proclaimed Social Anthropologist – From the College of Life and the University of TVONT…” Social Anthropology is the comparative study of the ways in which people live in different social and cultural settings across the globe. Societies vary enormously in how they organise themselves, the cultural practices in which they engage, as well as their religious, political and economic arrangements…









I find it interesting that the show producers did not simply edit the “n-word” completely out of the episode… Was it because they did not see the real impact that the negativity would have on their audience or were they testing the waters to see what they could get away with???  Wow…  I am just saying…   Wow…  I digress…  

In historical novels like “Huck Fin” and “Beloved” the n-word is inked for all time that no future generation will ever forget the struggles of the black man whose the cause of its origination…  I am surprised to see that the n-word is the name of some very prominent locations in NZ but I am not sure whether the meaning is the same as here in the USA…  But one thing is for sure, racism is unacceptable in every culture, creed, tribe, race, and civilized society around the world…  The NZ Herald ran the following article about the debate to change the names of these prominent locations there complete with a google map – which would not list the locations by name because they are too offensive..

The Geographic Board has referred a decision on renaming two South Island places with the word ‘nigger’ in them to Land Information Minister Louise Upston after some submitters objected to the changes.

The Geographic Board started reviewing the place names of Nigger Hill, Nigger Stream and Niggerhead, in the foothills of the Southern Alps, in 2015 after a member of the public wrote to Ms Upston claiming the names were inappropriate in “modern, tolerant” New Zealand.

Ms Upston agreed the names were offensive and referred the person to the Geographic Board. The person proposed replacing the names with Kanuka Hill, Steelhead Stream and Tawhai Hill respectively.

After consulting on the changes, the Geographic Board has now referred the decision on whether to adopt the new names for Niggerhead and Nigger Hill back to Ms Upston because 61 of the 223 submissions had objected to the changes.

Mark Dyer, the chair of the Geographic Board, said the reasons for objections varied but some had believed the current names should remain. “Some submissions sought the retention of the existing names and some supported names other than those proposed.”

The Geographic Board is to start a new round of consultation to find an a new name for Nigger Stream because several submissions pointed out that the trout in the stream were not the sea-running Steelhead Trout the initial proposed name referred to.

The use of Kanuka Hill related to the kanuka growing in the area while Tawhai Hill referred to the silver beech.

Nigger Hill is a group of hills in the foothills of the Southern Alps just north of the Esk River, Nigger Stream flows from Mount Turnbull to the Esk River and Niggerhead is a 1395m hill above the northern shores of Lake Sumner in the foothills of the Southern Alps.

— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) September 21, 2016
So prepare yourself for coverage of Don King’s n-word slip or in-pulpit use of the n-word. There will likely be an onslaught. And it will very likely embody the very thing President Barack Obama warned about when he used the n-word in an interview with the comedian Marc Maron (for Maron’s popular WTF podcast) last year.”…

I am just saying…    


Trump sat right behind King as he delivered his remarks and had a smile on his face the entire time. During the speech, King also called Trump a “doctor of humanness” and trashed the media for trying to “ridiculize” the candidate. Raw Story Don King introduces Donald Trump in Cleveland

Wow… Check this out – Don King was trending in NZ of all people… “A study by New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority found that nigger was the second-most offensive word in New Zealand (after cunt), offending 66% of people,[2] and a similar study by several British broadcasting organizations found that “nigger” offended 68% of Brits and was the fifth most offensive word in the UK (after cunt, motherfucker, fuck, and wanker).[3]
There have been efforts by those of African descent to reclaim the word (especially in the form nigga), but these efforts are controversial, and some people do not believe it is able to be reclaimed, due to its fraught history and continued derogatory usage. Usage by non-blacks is almost invariably highly offensive.
“Nigger” has derogatory connotations, suggesting not only darkness of skin, but general lack of intelligence; it is furthermore associated with the era of white colonization of Africa and enslavement of Africans and African-Americans.
To blunt its force, the word is frequently censored in direct quotations or euphemistically referred to as the “n-word”… “


I hope that this soulful song “Brown Girl” can help people of color all over the world to reaffirm that God is love and love knows no color, no creed, no sexual orientation, or  no nationality…
Let’s share this soulful jam with a message over and over again as an anthem  against racism world-wide…
Wow… I am just saying..

“Wow… The soulful healing vibes of the song “Brown Girl” reaffirms that God is love and love knows no color, no creed, no sexual orientation, or no nationality… Wow… “Brown Girl” is the perfect Anthem against racism world-wide… Whose Pulse is on the Finger… “

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