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“Wow… “Six people have come forward to corroborate the account of Natasha Soynoff, that she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump…” “Gayle King summed it all up when she said, Oprah is being sued but everybody knows that Oprah never loses…” “Whose finger is on the Pulse???””

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Wow…  First and Foremost, I know how this young woman feels on more than one front; this story is a about David vs. Goliath story to me or Dana if you please…  I am just saying…   What do we know???  

“Six people have come forward to corroborate the account of Natasha Soynoff, the People magazine writer who wrote that she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.


Mary Green on Twitter: “Natasha Stoynoff, Liza Hamm and Sharon … Mary Green on Twitter: “Natasha Stoynoff, Liza Hamm and Sharon …


 The witnesses include Stoynoff’s friend, Liza Herz, who recalled being there at the interview; Marina Grasic, an old friend of Stoynoff’s to whom she confided the day after the sexual assault occurred; Paul McLaughlin, a former journalism professor who Stoynoff called for advice on the night the attack happened; Liz McNeil, East Coast Editor of People who discussed the incident with Stoynoff when she returned from Florida; Deputy East Coast Editor Mary Green, who recalled Stoynoff being shaken as she talked about the incident in her office upon returning; and Liza Hamm, another colleague at People to whom Stoynoff opened up…


Who Is Natasha Stoynoff? — 5 Things To Know About Donald Trump’s … Hollywood Life Natasha Stoynoff: 5 Things About ‘People’ Writer Who Claims Donald Trump Kissed Her




“A Canadian professor and journalist says People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff confided in him at the time about her allegations that Donald Trump subjected her to unwanted physical contact.

  Paul McLaughlin posted a string of tweets in an effort to back up Stoynoff’s story, which Trump has adamantly denied.  
McLaughlin says that he was a mentor to Stoynoff, so she came forward at the time to seek his advice about what to do about Trump.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Wow…  Let me say that I feel her pain of knowing that someone has power because of status or money or position or just because you don’t; so the little people are always told where they can get off the train but I guess  in this case it is the Trump-Train…



Donald Trump’s Train Post On Instagram Features CN Rail Locomotive Huffington Post



Wow…  You all know by now that I describe myself as a self-proclaimed “Social anthropologist” as of late because as I have gotten older I realize that I have witnessed in real-time a huge “Cultural Collision” between the “before Social Media generation vs the after Social Media generation…”  


John Angus Jacobs – “Self Proclaimed Social Anthropologist – From the College of Life and the University of TVONT…” Social Anthropology is the comparative study of the ways in which people live in different social and cultural settings across the globe. Societies vary enormously in how they organise themselves, the cultural practices in which they engage, as well as their religious, political and economic arrangements…


Wow…  I often tell young people that they should all be very successful because they are holding the equivalent of a “Main-Frame computer;” to only get an immediate response – you got it – “What is a “Main-Frame computer???” ”    So you see the huge contrast in the “before and after…”  I said that to say,   less than 60 years ago “it  was  the before generation that sat in front of a television set watching the first movie in living color – the Wizard of Oz…”   Wow… Now this type of video is made daily by juveniles on their hand-held devices – usually a cell phone…  


Wow…  Please allow me to go lateral here for a moment – “Who knew we had “Nazi Republicans” here in Raleigh NC??? ???  I am just saying…   Pence came to North Carolina to address the situation but to my unbelief  never said anything about “there aren’t any “REPUBLICAN NAZIs” therefore there must be “REPUBLICAN NAZIs” all over America…”

Wow…  This brings me to my experience today at my local Wal-Mart…    

@FBI Director Comey said see something say something…  maxresdefault

@FBI Director Comey said see something say something…



So here goes – I was at Wal-Mart – 2107 Pyramid Village Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27405 today (10/19/16 11:46) when a forty something White Man wearing really nice brown (look like landsend) shoes,  a nice summer shirt,  and short pants riding a blue and white girls bike – approached me as soon  as I rode up on my bike…  I have been parking in the same place for years so as soon as I got off my bike he pointed out to me a brown stuffed bear sitting on a post near the pharmacy entrance which was strange to me…   He looked like a forty something white (Republican) Nazi with slick black hair 


Like this Textured bed head look. | Men’s haircuts | Pinterest | Bed Heads … Pinterest


approx. six foot one and in really great shape…   I contacted Wal-Mart Security and pointed out the bear and told them about  the STRANGE encounter with the could be Nazi Republican…   I believe he was trying to make it appear that he and I were friends (No Way) so he could frame a black man in some kinda of another fake Dem Fire Bombing…   I don’t believe any Dem fire bombed the “Nazi Republican” HQ in  Raleigh NC – I believe they bombed it themselves…  I wanted the Wal-Mart Security to first know that I didn’t know this strange could be “Republican Nazi” and second that it was a strange encounter that needs to be investigated and reported…   BUT the Wal-Mart Security  acted as if it was nothing then an old white female employee with a circular tattoo on her right  arm quickly grabbed the bear and put it in the trash…  She declared the little stuffed brown  bear  had been there several days…  The issue is that this strange acting man pointed it out to me – a fifty seven year old man – which is strange…  And I don’t believe it was there that long because I was there just days before and I did not see it before… It appeared to me that the could be “Nazi Republican”  was trying to get me into the picture frame of the Wal-Mart camera or his cell camera; either way  I believe that this could be “Nazi Republican”


GOP offices FIREBOMBED in North Carolina! – The Right Scoop The Right Scoop nazi-republicans-leave-town-or-else

 and the old white woman with the tattoo on  her right arm were working together…   I believe that he was trying to frame me to set up some kind of San Bernardino incident right before the election – but God Forbid…   @FBI need to investigate this incident because Wal-Mart has cameras and they will delete it soon so time is of the essence…  

Wow…  Lets not forget that I believe these “Nazi Republicans” are liars and bombed their own HQ to try to blame it on a Democrat but that is not the Dem MO – sounds more like the “KKK and Nazis and white Supremacist which are all domestic terrorist…   That said, I  believe that the so-called anonymous Dems who started the Go-Fund me are suspect???  I am just saying…  

Wow…  I digress…

Wow… I had a similar situation back in the mid 90’s with a very prominent Pastor – Wiley Jackson – of Word in Action Ministries;  where he lied to me about a business deal which cost me a lot of money not to mention my integrity with my partners…   When I confronted this powerful man of God – who I went into the deal with thinking he would never lie to me – he immediately  began to deny everything and stood his ground (we were in his church)…  I continued to plead my case by informing him that I had done everything proper and in order on my end so why was he not holding up his end???  Again I got a really hard push back and escorted to the door…  As I was walking out, I told him I had a lawyer and I could sue him; when he replied “SUE ME – I have attorneys too…”  Wow… I had done everything right but because I was a little guy the big man basically said, I am not afraid of you – “Sue me…”

 Needless to say, based on what I believe was divine advise, that I should not get into a Law Suit with this powerful man of God and I did not…   I believe Karma is simply the word of God wrapped in a bow that make it easy for secular people to understand therefore this mighty man of God experience what I believe was the wrath of God (Karma) where several bad things happened to him and his ministry…  After seven years had passed, (probably the statute of limitations)  he sent me a letter from “Pastor Wiley Jackson of Word in Action ministries”


Bishop Wiley Jackson | Gospel Tabernacle Cathedral Gospel Tabernacle Cathedral 1; 2. Bishop Wiley Jackson ..

offering an apology to me for any offense that may have occurred between us in the past…  I accepted his apology but it did little to refund any money that I lost due to his dishonesty – but God…   This was a powerful man back in the day which is why he felt so confident in saying so easily – “Sue me…”

Wow…  So when I heard Natasha Stroynoff’s story


I could relate…  Just the other day, I heard @GayleKing basically sum it all up when she said, Ms O is being sued but everybody knows that Ms O never loses…   Wow…  So Ms O never loses – because Why???  Is it because Ms O is a Billionaire???


Politico… In June 2015, Donald Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he wanted Oprah Winfrey as his running mate. | AP Photo

Wow…  I really don’t intend any Shade on @GayleKing but I do believe she high-lighted the situation where people with money have the power and may have an edge on the little guy – “carte blanche..”   When the person with the money and the power is honest and above-board things work out for everyone but I do honestly believe when the Billionaire is dishonest – the little man gets screwed…  I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and justly and respectfully whether either party has the power of money…  


Oprah Winfrey is being sued by a woman who says she stole the idea for ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life.‘ via TMZ: Otisa C. Strickland claims in a new lawsuit … ‘Fix My Life’ — which appears on OWN — is a carbon copy of a show she created called “The Agency.”

Wow…  Full disclosure with complete transparency, there is a woman in Atlanta name Sharon Ann Smith (SAS) who I believe is the architect of the Iyanla’s Spiritual Transformation process and strategic techniques to change people’s lives…   I sat with  SAS in her front room many times as people gathered to receive the very same spiritual transforming teaching that changed lives as I believe Iyanla did…  







I remember SAS speaking of her interaction with Iyanla and many others who would sit with her to get these life changing technics, and then go out to profit off them without ever looking back…  SAS is a giver by nature, who accepted a bad check from Iyanla (it bounced) to advance her teaching materials that Iyanla profited from, but had to be addressed several times for the much-needed payment…   Wow I believe that Karma follows those who don’t reciprocate – so maybe this is Karma speaking loud and clear…
Wow…  I am just saying…   


6 Witnesses Corroborate Natasha stoynoff’s Donald Trump Attack … Hollywood Life Donald Trump: 6 Witnesses Corroborate Natasha Stoynoff’s Claim He Assaulted Her

There is a quote by Sir John Acton, 6th Baronet:  “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority…”

“Wow… “Six people have come forward to corroborate the account of Natasha Soynoff, that she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump…” “Gayle King summed it all up when she said, Oprah is being sued but everybody knows that Oprah never loses…” “Whose finger is on the Pulse???””



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