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“Wow… “I believe the Millennials need to hear “Bernie Sanders” yell at them in that Brooklyn accent – “Millennials Come Home” and “Feel the Bern again…” Wow… “The Bern” continues “the Bern…” “Wow… Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””

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Wow…  I have heard the question several times why aren’t Millennials rushing to the polls to eagerly cast their first vote???  So I did a little research and found this YouTube video –  Published on Aug 21, 2016…  Check out the introduction:
“Welcome to the first episode of Red, White, and You, a series about young people and politics! This series is sponsored by How Tomorrow Votes, a program that encourages young people to use their voice and provides an insight into how the next generation feels about politics and how they might vote…”  

Wow…  According to the  Pew  Research –
“As of April 2016, an estimated 69.2 million Millennials (adults ages 18-35 in 2016) were voting-age U.S. citizens – a number almost equal to the 69.7 million Baby Boomers (ages 52-70) in the nation’s electorate, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. Both generations comprise roughly 31% of the voting-eligible population.”
Wow…  “While it might be a “slam-dunk” that Millennials soon will be the largest generation in the electorate, it will likely be a much longer time before they are the largest bloc of voters.”









Wow…  This video was very inspirational and informative about the way Millennials think…
According to this rich data Millennials are really interested in five important issues: 1 – Economy, 2 – Terrorism, 3 – Equality, 4 – United Nations, and 5 – the role of money in politics…
Wow…  I found this knowledge to be very striking because these are adult concerns too…
I believe these of the concerns of every generation from baby boomers untill today;  so what is the major disconnect between Millennials and the polls???   



John Angus Jacobs – “Self Proclaimed Social Anthropologist – From the College of Life and the University of TVONT…” Social Anthropology is the comparative study of the ways in which people live in different social and cultural settings across the globe. Societies vary enormously in how they organise themselves, the cultural practices in which they engage, as well as their religious, political and economic arrangements…


Wow…  As a self-proclaimed “Social Anthropologist,”  I believe one has to use the “Science of  ‘Social’ Observation” when it come to millennial behavior…   So if one looks at the ‘social landscape’ of today, it becomes  quite apparent that  the people who  moved previous generations using the tried and the true social principles of life don’t necessarily speak to Millennials about “The Vote…”   The previous generation was greatly moved by the likes of Ms Oprah and Queen Bey and Tyler Perry and even Don King – who was trending in NZ last month – to name a few…  But the Millennials don’t appear to have any connection with these familiar names which I believe is because of an array of ‘different social diverse parameters;’ the topic for another post…   I believe the likes of ‘Kim K’


YNaija Kim Kardashian in Paris…

and ‘ the soulful  Aaradhna – Brown Girl (live) ‘ 


Aaradhna – Brown Girl – YouTube

have a social connection to millennials but not as ‘HOT’ as the one and only true MOVER of the Millennial Generation – the old dude from Brooklyn…  It was shocking to me at first when I pasted together the pictures that the millennials have been painting from the beginning it became very obvious…  Millennials are high energy late night gaitherers who think  outside the norm…  They see things in color pixels which launch them into social actions  from the Black Lives Matter movement to Global warming, from the huge push in the use of latest TECHNOLOGY and healthy living…  The millennials have  been speaking loud and clear – though text/emoji – I guess they believed noone was listening…  Well this guy was not only listening but he heard them – “Bernie Sanders…”


Bernie Sanders | PolitiFact Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at the New Hampshire Democratic Party state convention on Sept. 19, 2015. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)



Wow…  Remember these posters and all the huge rallies where millennials stood for hours yelling “Feel the Bern???”   Wow…  And they did…  

bernie-in-springfieldjpg-7ea4e95a78bfe895 Feel the Bern: Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to rally in Amherst and Worcester |

So what happened to all that enthusiasm???    Simple – the Fire was put out – Bernie did not win…  Wow…  I believe that was a huge let down for the millennials who are basically anti-social short of their cell phone…  This is the only generation in history that lives at a negative 35 degrees – eyes glued – to their cell phones practically every waking moment…  


koin.com800 × 447Search by image Bernie Sanders rally in Vancouver:

So now they are having withdrawals from “the Bern…”- They need to feel “the Bern”  again…
Wow…  I heard a soulful song the other day that summed it all up – millennials need to hear “Bernie” say these word – “Millennials Come Home…”  


Aaradhna- Baby Come Home Mp3Tunes.TK mobile music download, mobile mp3 download, tubidy mp3 Aaradhna – Warrior

Wow…  I believe the Millennial need to see and hear “Bernie Sanders” yell at them again with that distinctive Brooklyn accent “Millennials Come Home” and “Feel the Bern again”   because “the Bern” continues “the Bern… ”
Wow…  I am just saying…  

“Wow… “I believe the Millennials need to hear “Bernie Sanders” yell at them – “Millennials Come Home” and “Feel the Bern again…” Wow… “The Bern” continues “the Bern…” “Wow… Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””

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