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Wow… “EKTA ETUWA” Cousin, As I read through the “Red Fawn” against UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for a felony on Native Indigenous peoples land… She was not Trespassing on Native Lands but it seems to me the ones who arrested her were trespassing…” A’Ho…

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“EKTA ETUWA” Cousin, As I read through the “Red Fawn”  against UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for a felony on Native Indigenous peoples land…
She was not Trespassing on Native Lands but it seems to me the ones who arrested her were trespassing…” A’Ho…



                                                                         ) CR 17-00016-DLH

 Plaintiff,                                                      )

                                                                       ) MEMORANDUM OF LAW

 – vs –                                                             ) IN SUPPORT OF

                          ) MOTION FOR TRANSFER

RED FAWN FALLIS,                                 ) OF VENUE

Defendant.                                                )

“EKTA ETUWA” Cousin, 

I am reminded that these cases always start with an error in the paperwork that should result into an automatic dismissal – the word “Indian” i.e.  “substantial racial prejudice exists in the Southwestern Division of the District of North Dakota, and the Indian people are the objects of that prejudice…”  When will all Native Indigenous people of this land now known as America STAND up to the powers that be and tell them “we aint Indians;” Indians live in India…  Free Red Fawn

Respectfully Cousins but until the Native Indigenous people of Turtle island stop allow themselves to be referred to in “Legal paperwork” as a name that the White British Colonialism falsely referred to them which I believe automatically disqualifies all Native Indigenous people of their rights…   Red Fawn

I give you a prime example the white man called the African Slaves “Niggers” until the mid 1800s when black people got their rights to call themselves what THEY choose to be called…  White people still refer to the descendents of slaves “Niggers” but it is not socially acceptable…   

Black people did not allow the country they were enslaved into to continue to disrespect them with a name that didn’t have anything to do who they really are…  Most black Americans  today heritage is older than most White people here today… is revealing that most White American are “Johnny come latelys” about three generations old – meaning they got here after the 1750s…  Black people – descendents of slaves have been here for over 400 years which to me makes black people the descendent of slave the here only second longer that the Native Indigenous people…   Torch carrying Racist

Native indigenous people are the True residents of Turtle Island who the White people stole from their English ruler – the King of England… Therefore, I believe that all Native Indigenous people should stand on the fact that they were the rightful owners of this land and the original colonials who made the first Treaty “Peace and Prosperity Treaty of 1617” – made between King James 1 and  Pocahontas is the supreme treaty that supercede any treaty since… 

First and Foremost, the Native Indigenous people of this land now called America should make it official that they are not Indians but the original inhabitants of this land… Sir Isaac Newton

Now we all know what Sir Isaac Newton said, “for every action there is an equal but opposite REACTION…”  One can deduce that because Indians from India are moving to Native Indigenous peoples lands they too can take advantage of the benefits of casinos and Indian Treaties simply because they can say  they are Indian and not be lying…   Sacred Smoke...

To me I believe that Indians from India have always said that American Indians are not Indians at all…   I believe it is time for Native Indigenous people to set the record strait…  The benefit is that all treaties will have to be renegotiated by American educated Native Indigenous people who know the tricks and the scams used to steal their wealth for over 400 years…  Pocahontas Standing Rock Lumbee

All American courts still use the King James 1 Bible which says, John 8:32 KJV – “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…”   The Native Indigenous people are being Judge in American Court without a jury of their peers which I believe is in violation of Human Rights as well as United States of America Constitution…  “A’Ho…”  John832

“EKTA ETUWA” Cousin, Based on the VAGUENESS of this Act “The Indian Gaming1988 Gaming regulatory act Regulatory Act (Pub.L. 100–497, 25 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq.) is a1988 United States federal law that establishes the jurisdictional framework that governs Indian gaming,” ANY Indian from India could petition the US government for the right to open and operate a Casino as an Indian American on their land because of their Tribe in India…    Tuscarora Casino shut down Locklear-768x432
I am just saying, Native Indigenous peoples should wake up or even what you think you have will be taken from you… Indians from india can prove via heritage and DNA that they are TRULY Indian; Native Americans, who the White man calls Indian, cannot…   

The Native Indigenous people should come together to demand to be officially referred to as Native Indigenous First Nation peoples of this land and demand that all agreements/treaties be renegotiated from this position… Otherwise it will soon be legal to discriminate against the American Indian and strip them of ALL their true identity because DNA only can validate an Indian from India as an Indian…
I am just saying… A’Ho…  Royal English Gold...

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