Gang Stalking / Organised Psychological Harassment poisoning, spying, and destroying lives

“Sandra Bland could have been the victim of this “klandish Gang Style Domestic Terrorist Group” that LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES FROM the FBI To The Justice Dept. claim they don’t know exist… “

PSYCHOLOGICAL (TERROR) HARASSMENT Multi-stalking / Gang Stalking

“If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are not being “gangstalked” . “Gangstalking” is described on some websites as a bunch of people “just” following you around doing strange skits. That would just be annoying compared to what it really is. Although it might be possible that victims are not aware of where their “symptoms” are coming from. I thought I was physically ill at first, but then began to see a relationship between my “illnesses” and what can only be described as felony assaults……………..”

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” “Gangstalking” is a “catchphrase” name….  

……describing what has become a part of traditional and new organized crime that is networking through the United States and some other countries.

Organized crime groups

……and “criminal elements” from all walks of life use or hire for pay, criminal organized stalking crews to assault “targets” to cover…

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